Cunningham Skilled Nursing

Skilled nursing at the Loretto Health and Rehabilitation Center provides long-term care for older adults requiring enhanced support and 24-hour care. Patient health care needs are met by caring, well-trained interdisciplinary teams with expertise in the lifestyle and healthcare needs of older adults. 

Person-Centered Care

Loretto recently embarked on a major initiative to truly transform elder care in Central New York by creating more intimate homelike environments that promote more individualized, person-centered care relationships between our residents, program participants and staff.

Elements of person-centered care include knowing the elders, maximizing choice and autonomy in as many facets of their lives as possible, nurturing relationships with staff and fellow residents, including families in social events and care planning, and the understanding that all challenging behavior is viewed as meaningful and can be addressed relieves the staff and residents of over-concern and encourages a hopeful, positive approach to problem solving.

Individuals receiving care have a voice and choice in their surroundings, activities and daily schedules. They are not only the recipients of care, but also the shapers of that care.

Staff training in person-centered care has already begun in some parts of Loretto, and eventually everyone will have the opportunity to learn about the model as it spreads throughout the entire Loretto family of care.


Sage-ing is the act of approaching aging as a journey of deepening wisdom, continued learning and expanding possibilities. It is a process of self development that enhances interpersonal relationships, hones communication skills and cultivates a valuation of Elders as mentors and wise counsel in the community.

Its principles are not specific to any faith or denomination, but serves to enhance spiritual well-being.  Sage-ing is the process of becoming an elder; of reviewing one's life; of coming to terms with our mortality; of effecting intergenerational healing; of transmitting one's wisdom learned through life experience; of creating one's legacy; and, being a mentor to others.  Sage-ing is the act of harvesting life's wisdom as a legacy for future generations.  

For more information about Sage-ing, contact Loretto corporate director of elder life and spirituality, Brenda McCutcheon, at (315) 413-3364, or, or visit

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic recreation at Cunningham skilled nursing provides elders with a variety of leisure opportunities and pursuits that are holistic (body, mind and spirit) in nature.  Emphasis is placed on past preferences and new learning, recognizing that elderhood is a time of growth.  Programs are organized into individual, small and large groups to meet the needs and interests of all elders.  In addition, elders are able to celebrate holidays, go on outings into the community, enjoy a walk around our building and attend worship to augment their living experience.


Spiritual Care

To learn more about spiritual care at the Cunningham skilled nursing facility, visit our spiritual care section.


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